Where to Find a Top Quality Stove Installer in Scotland

Traditional fireplaces are coming back in vogue in the interior design industry. This year we can expect to see a lot of earthy tones and designs that promote comfort and warmth. Pastel colours are set to make a comeback but think more muddy pinks and sage greens. Overall there will be more colour incorporated to walls and art, breaking away from the white wash that dominated 2016/2017. As people strive towards living healthier lives, houseplants are fast becoming a homeware staple. Incorporating foliage into as many areas of your home as possible is the goal: on mantelpieces, shelves, window sills, hanging plants, coffee tables and side tables. Collectively, these trends will create a welcoming, cosy home perfect for relaxing in. For those who are blesses with a chimney and fireplace, it will be easy to follow the interior trends for 2018, however if you have a modern home or a home then you won’t have the traditional fire feature. Luckily you can get a stove installed instead. This article has detailed where to find a high end stove installer in Scotland.

Chesney stove installed by stove installer in Scotland

Stove and Fireplace Companies

Choose a stove and fireplace company that has years of experience installing and designing both stoves and fireplaces. This company is arguably the best stove installer in Scotland as they cover the entire central belt and use premium, British made products. The Stove and Fireplace Builder is DEFRA compliant, meaning you are in safe hands when it comes to the install. Everything is done above board and adheres to the national regulatory guidelines.

Top Stove Installer Scotland

Choosing a fantastic company to do your stove installation as they can take on even the most complicated projects. Their team are highly skilled in overcoming difficult structural or interior layouts, such as small spaces or irregular angled walls. They are very passionate about their work and enjoy taking on a challenge.

Broseley Stove installer in Scotland

Bespoke Stove Designs

In a situation where regular models of stove are not suitable to the customer, they can build a custom stove that is tailor made to suit your style and preferences plus fulfilling the requirements necessary for your home.


Wood Burning Stove Installer in Scotland

If you really want to go for that rustic effect you can choose to have a wood burning stove installed. They can design and install real wood burning features. A wood burning stove can act as a focal point for any room and add intimacy to any setting. If are looking to add warmth and comfort to your interior this year, consider a stove installation.