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Eley Polyurethane Garden Hose

The 4 Best Garden Hoses for Heavy-Duty Gardening

When purchasing the best garden hoses, keep its intended use in mind. Some models are better at withstanding heavy-duty applications than others and Bateman advises opting for rubber over vinyl options when possible. Consider also the material, thickness (two-ply hoses are thinner than six-ply) and

coloured windows on a flat

A History of Coloured Windows in Glasgow and Britain

This article will examine the history of coloured windows and how they came into prominence in Glasgow and beyond. There are several styles which coloured windows originated from in history, including heraldic symbols such as the Fleur-de-lis, and Crowns. This article will also include cleaning


Investing in Commercial Property

The term commercial property is used for various types of business such as office buildings, malls, shopping centers and so on. These buildings are also termed commercial property or real property. The commercial property, sometimes called commercial real property or investment property, is an investment

woodworm treatment

We Needed Woodworm Treatment In Our Office

This is a special guest article written by a business owner across in the UK. They wrote to us telling us the interesting story of how their old converted barn office has major woodworm problems lurking beneath the surface and how it tested their business