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The Importance of Documentation in an ISO 27001 Audit

The ISO 27001 audit process is complex, demanding organisations create and assess an ISMS before performing internal audits to assess compliance with this international standard. Once an internal audit deems an organisation compliant with ISO 27001 requirements, they’re ready for their external audit that leads

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Engineering Innovations in 2023

In 2023, the engineering sector will witness an array of groundbreaking new technologies that promise to boost productivity and efficiency. From 3D printing to augmented reality (AR), here are some of the top innovations shaping up this space in engineering: Big data and artificial intelligence

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Oil-Injected Vs Oil-Free Air Compressor Hire

Oil-injected air compressors utilise oil to cool, seal and lubricate their compression chamber and bearings. These air compressor hire units are an ideal choice for industrial and heavy-duty applications. Oil-injected units can deliver compressed air efficiently, but oil contamination could negatively impact end products and

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Step-by-Step Guide to Link Removal

While having numerous backlinks helps our content rank higher and go to the top, having toxic or poor backlinks might be damaging rather than beneficial. Continue reading to learn about backlinks and their types. With a step-by-step strategy to link removal. Bad Backlinks Linking websites

Support Systems And Processes For Businesses

In business , a lot goes into the planning and execution of business plans as well as the day to day running of multi-billion and multi million pound companies. Whilst many businesses have support systems , many lack emergency procedures if these systems fail or