Renovating Your Office With Compliance Maintenance & Management

It is always an exciting time for your colleagues and employees when the office is getting renovated. There is more and more research every year that shows having an open, clean and modern space will promote more productivity in the workplace, especially for creative industries. However it is important to oblige by compliance maintenance and management rules to ensure you are in line with safety policies. Here are our top 4 tips to creative a great working space for your employees.

office renovation Compliance Maintenance & Management

Going Green

The Sustainability or Going Green trend has been on the rise over the last few years. Having an eco-friendly office will not only do wonders for the environment but can also increase the brands reputation.

It can be as simple as installing a movement sensor which controls the lighting and electricity or using recycled fabrics for flooring and furniture. Plants are also a great decorative feature that is eco-friendly and inviting to employees and guests. Purchasing recyclable paper for the office and have a recycle system for waste is another important way to have a ‘green’ office.

An Inviting Kitchen  & Social Area

It is normal practice to provide tea, coffee and milk to your employees. However more and more companies are encouraging their employees to enjoy the office space. Building a kitchen where staff can cook meals for lunch or snacks throughout the day is a great way to boost morale within the company. However it is important to conform with compliance maintenance and management legislation when it comes to building a kitchen area within a company.

Creating a space where employees can socialise on lunch breaks  and hang out with their colleagues can also boost morale. Allowing them a space where they can properly relax and switch off will boost productivity when they need to get work done.

impress clients with Compliance Maintenance & ManagementImpress Your Clients With Your Meeting Spaces

Impress your visiting clients with innovative, functioning meeting areas. Large windows with natural light, a screen or television to showcase presentation and the opportunity to get  feel for the office culture rather than being stuffed away in a box meeting room. Decorative plants, artwork and a clean environment is key to a great meeting room. Offering tea, coffee and snacks is also an inviting way to showcase your new office and impress your client.

Interior Design

The interior design of your office is a make or break in how effective the renovation will be. A clean, bright, modern office is shown to boost not only morale but also productivity. It will be a good idea to hire an interior designer or architect to get their opinions on how well you can utilise the space. Portable walls or screen is a great idea when you need to adapt a space to make it more private and building open plan work spaces where people can meet and bounce ideas off of is another great way to make the most of your space.