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Best Social Media For Business

Selecting the ideal social media for your business depends on its goals. Facebook can help attract customers while Twitter offers feedback for promotion of websites, while Instagram shows off visual content. Instagram provides businesses and organizations that rely heavily on visuals with only minimal text

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The Importance of Documentation in an ISO 27001 Audit

The ISO 27001 audit process is complex, demanding organisations create and assess an ISMS before performing internal audits to assess compliance with this international standard. Once an internal audit deems an organisation compliant with ISO 27001 requirements, they’re ready for their external audit that leads

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Engineering Innovations in 2023

In 2023, the engineering sector will witness an array of groundbreaking new technologies that promise to boost productivity and efficiency. From 3D printing to augmented reality (AR), here are some of the top innovations shaping up this space in engineering: Big data and artificial intelligence

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Oil-Injected Vs Oil-Free Air Compressor Hire

Oil-injected air compressors utilise oil to cool, seal and lubricate their compression chamber and bearings. These air compressor hire units are an ideal choice for industrial and heavy-duty applications. Oil-injected units can deliver compressed air efficiently, but oil contamination could negatively impact end products and

How To Generate More Sales Online

Create A Buyer Persona If you want to increase sales online, creating a buyer persona is essential. You should create a narrative that describes your ideal buyer in their own words. The more you know about this persona, the easier it will be to create

Applications Of The FLIPR Assay

The FLIPR assay can be used for several applications, including activation of ion channels, screening for ion channel agonists, validation of MrgD, and post-assay setup. This article will cover some of the common applications for this assay. Activation Of Ion Channels An activation of ion

Key Skills Needed For Any Workplace

Communication One of the key skills for the workplace is communication. Good communication is crucial in any workplace, whether you’re dealing with customers or colleagues. This skill can be developed through writing competitions, school essays, petitions, and blogging. Another important key skill for the workplace

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A History of Coloured Windows in Glasgow and Britain

This article will examine the history of coloured windows and how they came into prominence in Glasgow and beyond. There are several styles which coloured windows originated from in history, including heraldic symbols such as the Fleur-de-lis, and Crowns. This article will also include cleaning