Technology Trends Of 2019

Its 2019 and never before have we lived in such a digital connected world. Here are the top trends in the tech industry that has made this happen for us.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a form of technology that has been spoken about for years, however it’s really coming into its own recently. I know what you’re thinking….ROBOTS. Yes I still know what you’re thinking…Will Smith in I Am Legend. Wipe out a human race? We would never let that happen.

Everyone is worried about losing their jobs to Artificial Intelligence – where machines and robots are replacing bankers, factory workers and sales assistants. If you’re new to Artificial Intelligence, it is basically technology that has been developed to imitate human intelligence.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is technology which allows the user to immerse themselves in the environment whereas augmented reality enhances that reality. Virtual Reality has primarily been used in the gaming industry however architects, doctors, The Army & Navy and Coast Guard have all implemented this in their line of work. Popular game in 2016 – Pokemon Go is a great example of Augmented Reality. Doctors are able to use augmented reality to help rehabilitate patients after a serious injury and the tourism industry such as Museums and Theme Parks are using Augmented Reality to enhance the consumers experience.

Cyber Security

Cyber security has been around for a while with the introduction of online banking and e-commerce. However this form of technology is evolving year on year and creating new jobs for many in the IT industry. With hackers finding new ways to commit fraud, cyber security must constantly change the way it operates. Cyber security jobs are growing three times faster than other jobs within the tech industry. With new technology platforms such as the Apple Watch, where you can access your internet banking, for example, there is always new innovative ways to improve cyber security.


Blockchain technology is more popularly related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, however blockchain offers a form of security that is useful and needed in many other ways. If you don’t know what a blockchain is, it can simply be described as something you can add data to (for example a transaction within a company) but you cannot take data away (for example you cannot remove the transaction). You are essentially making a chain of data. If we take a large corporate company such as Apple as an example, it would usually be the top tier of management who would have access to the blockchain. If a sum of money needs to be moved into another account for any reason then all members who have access to the block chain will be notified – completely removing any risk of theft and heightening security measures with the business. This can also be done for data or new technology ideas that are top secret.