We Needed Woodworm Treatment In Our Office

This is a special guest article written by a business owner across in the UK. They wrote to us telling us the interesting story of how their old converted barn office has major woodworm problems lurking beneath the surface and how it tested their business in getting it remedied. We wanted to share thier experience and also give some tips on how to combat this interesting phenomenon, especially if you live in Europe and the UK. So without further ado, here is our guide to woodworm treatment.

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What Is Woodworm Treatment?

Woodworms, also known as cicadas, are small insects that live in woodlands. They are not a danger to humans or animals, but you need to understand what these creatures are and how they do what they do in order to avoid them. There are many different species of woodworm and each has a specific purpose for feeding on your wood. When these insects get a taste for the wood inside homes and buildings, you need woodworm treatment from a specialized company in order to stop them from eating the whole structure of your home.

Different types of woodworms feed on various types of wood, so the first step in treating them is determining what kind of wood you have. Woodworms can feed on a variety of wood and some can be more noticeable than others. If your wood has been treated with chemicals, then you may not see any woodworms at all, and if you have treated your wood with natural chemicals, then you might notice an increase in your woodworm population.

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What To Do Next

The second step is determining the best time to treat your wood. Some woodworm species live longer in moist environments such as undergrowth that has never been treated with chemicals. These types of woods are more resistant to woodworm invasion, so it is best to treat your wood when these woods have not yet been disturbed by any other insects or disease.

The third step in woodworm treatment is choosing the treatment to use. Some of the common treatments include baits, pesticides, liquid baits and traps. Baits attract woodworm to your lawn while others trap them and spray them with chemicals to kill them. It’s important to choose the treatment that is right for you based on your needs.

Another important thing to consider when you choose the treatment is whether you want the treatment to be permanent or temporary. Permanent treatments such as bait only last as long as the woodworm itself, and these treatments will have to be reapplied after they’ve expired.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Woodworm treatment does not have to be expensive. There are many low cost products available on the market that will effectively kill off the woodworm. For more powerful woodworm treatment options, there are even kits that can be purchased. For the average homeowner, it is much better to go with the inexpensive products available because they are less likely to harm you and cause damage to the wood.

In addition, the natural methods for treating woodworm infestation are much healthier than chemicals. These natural methods include eating and drinking woodworm food, removing them from the soil where they have burrowed, treating them with natural oils, and killing them with natural pesticides.



The last thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to treat woodworm infestation indefinitely. Although woodworms do die out naturally, there are a number of woodworm treatments that you can use to keep them alive so they will continue to feed on the wood. Once the woodworm population has been reduced, you can either destroy the entire area where the woodworm is living or simply kill the woodworms and their eggs before they start the whole process all over again.