How E-commerce How Transformed Our Shopping Habits

In the present day there is a strong demand for online shopping and each day millions across the world place orders online. Buying items online is a very simple and easy process which requires very little input or forethought and people can buy items as big as cars at the click of a button.

But one of the main questions we need to ask in the face of this surge in popularity is what has driven this change and how has E-commerce transformed our shopping habits overall?

Online Shopping

In order to understand fully e-commerce and its effects it is important that you understand the main appeal of online shopping . One of the main reasons that so many people are turning to online shopping is the convenience that it can offer. Not having to travel distances and stand in ques is a great benefit of online shopping although there may be better deals to have in-store.

Many people choose to favour online shopping over regular shopping due to the fact that they can have items delivered to their door. This means that they can save on fuel or money for public transport.

Online shopping really began to take off at around the start of the 21st century as websites such as amazon and eBay began to gain a lot more attention and sales overall.

What Are The Disadvantages To Online Shopping?

As well as the many benefits of online shopping there are of course also a number of different disadvantages to online shopping. One of the main disadvantages of online shopping can be fluctuating prices. Items in online retail can vary in price on a daily basis and often items price can be bumped up by suppliers if they know the item is becoming popular. E.g in the run up to Christmas.

Another disadvantage to shopping online can be the overall quality of the item you receive. Sometimes the item you receive may not be as you expected and could be different in a variety of different ways.

Often with items of clothing it can be a gamble as to whether they fit and one of the issues with online shopping is the returns process can lengthy and drawn out. This contrasts with conventional shopping where in the majority of stores you can return an item in-store quite quickly and easily.

Advantages Of Online Shopping

  • Items delivered within a matter of days
  • Can buy items from almost any device with internet access
  • Can be cheaper than high st prices
  • Rarer items can be found for sale online
  • Is a faster overall process when looking for items
  • Little to no time pressure to buy items
  • Promotions run regularly


To conclude it is clear that online shopping plays a significant role in the society we live in today. One of the main drivers of its growth is its ease of use and overall convenience for users. However demand in some cases is outstripping supply and delivery drivers as well as warehouse workers are under extreme pressure to fulfil their deliveries overall.