How to Handle Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial air conditioning is a large and growing industry. The equipment is designed to manage the temperature in large spaces. It can be used in virtually any space that requires cooling. They are also used in refrigeration systems to control the temperature of the entire room or area. For instance, they can be found in casinos, hospitals, healthcare facilities, food services, industrial areas, office buildings and even warehouses and commercial centres that require high efficiency ACs. They are usually large machines.

What Should A Repair Service Include?

A commercial air conditioning repair service provider must maintain, repair, and upgrade the equipment to ensure optimum productivity. Many facilities managers hire contractors to take care of all the maintenance tasks including hiring technicians. These technicians must have specific training to do repairs. Many technicians are self-trained but there are facilities managers that train technicians on a continual basis.

Maintenance costs are determined according to the length of time the machine has been in operation and the anticipated life span. If it is an older machine, it will have higher maintenance costs. Most air conditioners come with a warranty that covers normal wear and tear. However, it is still critical to ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the conditioner coils. Almost all commercial maintenance costs can sometimes be covered by either a warranty or a facility manager’s built-in policy.

Types Of Compressors

The types of services offered vary by size and type of unit. There are small compressors that can cool just a few rooms. There are central air systems that provide air conditioning services for entire offices. There are free-standing devices that are mobile and placed outside or in some cases inside the building. Roof vents and heat exchange boxes are also included in most commercial cooling services. Heat exchange boxes can be found both onsite and offsite.

Most commercial cooling services utilize advanced technology to maintain proper indoor air quality. The technician will measure the indoor air quality using instrumentation such as the Ozone Generator and a computer. Based on the measured indoor air quality, the technician will recommend service options. If there are particular rooms or areas that he determines need better air quality than others, he may implement options for optimizing indoor air quality.


Commercial conditioning repairs usually take just one day. In most instances, the technician will conduct a visual inspection of the cooling system before making any permanent repair. However, in some large buildings, preliminary visual inspections may be conducted to determine if major internal damage exists. All scheduled maintenance services are performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance plan.

Overall we would recommend that if you want to enjoy the best commercial air conditioning services, you should take time to evaluate what your budget is likely to be for these services as well as the quality on offer from these kinds of services. Making an informed decision is always better than rushing into choosing a service as you could end up spending far more than you had originally planned.