Office Software: The Best Programs for Small Businesses to Buy

Technology has made life so much easier. Especially for small businesses. It has given them the chance to somewhat level the playing field with bigger corporations. They have the same access to brilliant, professional software that make life around the office so much easier. Whether that is through accounting, marketing or as simple as documents, there is an office software for everything. Here are some of the best ones available in 2018:

QuickBooks Pro 2017

QuickBooks Pro is developed by a company called Intuit. If you are in finance – you know who they are. Thankfully, they’ve developed a small business friendly software. If you need some sort of report, then QuickBooks Pro will have a template that is for you. Time Tracking, Invoices, Inventory and Accounts Payable plus much more are available. One negative on the software is that it can take a long time to master.

Microsoft Office 2016

Everyone who has used a computer knows what Microsoft Office is. It contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. It’s one of the most basic yet useful office software there is. However, the latest edition makes it much better than previous ones. With an Office 365 account you will be able to share documents with other people and edit them in real time. Meaning that you don’t have to be at your desk to get the work done.

TurboTax Self-Employed

If you – like a lot of people – are terrible at doing your taxes then this software is a godsend. It’s won so many awards that it’s hard to keep count and they have just recently released an updated version. This isn’t even just an “I’ll use it when I have to pay my taxes” software, as it will help you keep up to date with your finances all year round.

Infusionsoft Complete

Infusionsoft is a great piece of marketing software. It allows you to record meetings with clients, track up to ten thousand contacts as well as marking how useful a client can be. It will also help you manage email campaigns as well as tracking who visits your websites, breaking down a detailed analysis of what they look at, when they look at it and for how long they look.

Office Software: Zoho Books

This piece of software is loved by really small businesses and freelancers alike. Once you are subscribed to the software it will be able to sync to your bank account. Helping you with the annoying task of creating and sending invoices. It will also help you track billable hours for as many as 50 contacts (and that is only on the basic subscription).