Popular High End Clinic Offering Veneers in Glasgow | Review

Some people are blessed with perfect teeth. Most have teeth that although aren’t perfect are fairly straight with no abnormalities. For those who have problems with their teeth such as crookedness, crowding, spaces or discolouring there are several ways to have these corrected. Braces are available on the NHS to children under the age of eighteen. Teeth whitening is available from private dentists as well as braces for adults. However if you have severe problems with your teeth such as broken teeth, abscesses, diseased and rotten teeth, it can be a lot more difficult to deal with. Plus, having such severe oral problems typically results in self-esteem problems and even depression. Thankfully the Berkeley Clinic is a dental surgery offering veneers in Glasgow that could solve many of these problems.

Woman smiling with veneers in Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic

The Berkeley Clinic is a high-end dental surgery situated in Glasgow’s city centre offering supreme dental and orthodontic treatments on a private plan. The Berkeley Clinic is a superb choice for anyone who is apprehensive about dental treatments as they have clinicians specialising in dental anxiety. All staff have undergone professional training to allow them to deal with anxious patients well and help them to relax. There are additional supports you can have such as conscious sedation and dental hypnosis should your anxiety be severe. A further advantage of attending the Berkeley Clinic for your dental and orthodontic treatments as you are guaranteed the most innovative and high-tech solutions. For example the clinic offer 3D digital radiography which substantially reduces radiation exposure. They also have cutting edge digital microscopy for operating under high magnification.

The Berkeley Clinic Does Veneers in Glasgow

Veneers in Glasgow

Veneers can make your teeth looks natural and healthy. The material that veneers are made from are as strong as natural teeth so you are safe to eat and drink as normal. Veneers can be applied to improve the position, shape and colour of your teeth. Looking natural is an important aspect to maintain throughout any cosmetic dental treatment, which is why the Berkeley Clinic offer a colour match to all clients. A lot of people believe you have to get your natural teeth shaved down before you can have the veneer applied however the Berkeley Clinic offer innovative solutions to combat this deterrent. The veneers in Glasgow’s Berkeley Clinic are expertly moulded in house technician to attach directly to your natural teeth. At a regular dentist it takes up to two weeks to have your veneers put in as they moulds have to be made, sent to an external technician, and then fitted. However since the Berkeley Clinic do everything in-house you can have your veneers measured moulded and fitted all in the same day.