The Future Of Technology And Transport- Electric Cars

Within the automotive industry there has been a sizeable shift in car manufacturers attitudes towards emissions as well as new technology. In previous years electric vehicles have been frowned upon or ignored by many car manufacturing companies. However the market as it is now is increasingly moving many manufacturers towards building new electric or hybrid electric vehicles in order to meet the rise in demand for them.

The Rise Of Tesla.

Tesla is an excellent example of a company that has taken advantage of this demand for new technology and capitalised on this. Across the United States new Tesla electric car model sales have been widespread. In fact, many people who order a Tesla are put on a year to three year waiting list for their car to be produced as the factories are struggling to keep up with the output required. However despite this Tesla are continuing to expand and are in the process of building one of the largest car manufacturing plants on earth. In 2018 Tesla was the most popular plug in electric vehicle.

Changing Attitudes Towards Electric Cars

Increasingly more and more governments are encouraging people to invest in renewable technology or choose an electric car as their next vehicle. Research from scientists and climate change activists have prompted many people to change their habits and try and be more eco friendly. Additionally governments in some cases have proposed so called low emission zones. These mean that only newer vehicles can drive in those zones so as to cut down emission levels. Furthermore emissions scandals such as the Volkswagen emissions scandal has helped to further the cause for widespread electric car use.

During the Volkswagen emission scandal, it was found that millions of cars across the world had been fitted with a cheat device designed to manipulate emissions and fuel economy figures. When this was uncovered it led to a temporary breakdown in trust between Volkswagen and its consumers.

Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

There are a number of unique benefits that fully electric and hybrid vehicles can have over the regular petrol or diesel fuelled car. One of the main and most notable differences is running costs. Electric cars can run without fuel and are currently free to charge. This can greatly help to reduce the cost of motoring. Another benefit to electric vehicles is there are less moving parts within the engine. Combustion engines are very complex and can be difficult to fix. This contrasts with electric vehicles as they require only a battery to power them. So as a result routine maintenance is likely to be far easier. Another advantage to the use of electric vehicles is they produce zero emissions. This greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the car overall compared with a regular car.

Drones And Other Technology

As well as electric cars there is of course other technology in use and on the horizon that could help to transport society as we know it. Drones are currently in use by mainly the military. However companies such as amazon and google are trialling them to see whether they could be used in a delivery capacity to deliver goods to people’s homes.