New Guidelines for PCR Test Rotherham: Frequently Asked Questions

Given the rising prevalence of COVID-19 and the emergence of numerous variants, it’s critical to keep up with the latest information. In particular, PCR tests in Rotherham. This test is used to determine whether coronavirus is present. These tests are safe and simple to use, allowing people who test positive to isolate, and avoid spreading the infection to others. 

This test is widely recognised as a reliable and precise virus detection tool. Continue reading to find out more about COVID-19 testing in Rotherham, including the latest news and commonly asked questions.

What Is The Guidance On Self-Isolation?

If you are self-isolating, the day you test positive or the day you feel symptomatic, is day zero. The following day will be classed as day one.

On your fifth day of isolation, you can take a lateral flow test. If the lateral flow shows as negative you can take another test 24 hours later, which would be your sixth day. If both tests show as negative, you can end your isolation period. However, you can only do so, if you do not have symptoms of a temperature.

These rules often change in the UK. These particular rules are in place until 24th March, when they will be under review again. 

What Is The Purpose of Self-Isolation? 

The purpose of self-isolation is to protect others from catching the virus. If you have a positive PCR test in Rotherham, it means COVID-19 is currently infecting your body and this is easily transmissible.

Self-isolation can:

  • Keep infection rates low
  • Prevent more people from getting ill
  • Decrease the number of hospital admissions

Is It Possible to Be Tested Without COVID-19 Symptoms?

There are many other reasons why people may require a PCR test in Rotherham, other than being symptomatic. For example, you may need a test to fly or you may wish to take a test before seeing friends and family. 

You can arrange for a PCR test for many reasons. However, it is important to note that if you are symptomatic or have been identified as a close contact, you can obtain a free NHS PCR test in Rotherham. Whereas, if you require a PCR for travel purposes, you will have to pay for a test as free NHS tests are not valid. 

What Happens if I Have Been Identified As A Close Contact?

You will receive a text from NHS Test and Trace and they will ask you to log into the NHS Test and Trace website where it will provide you with all the information that you must know. The NHS will ask you for some personal details for identification. 

You will not be required to isolate if you are:

  • Fully vaccinated
  • Below 18 
  • You are participating in a COVID-19 trial


In order to ensure we slow the spread of the virus, it is important that you know the basic COVID-19 rules and guidelines to follow. In addition, it is important to know information regarding the PCR testing in Rotherham. The point of PCR testing is to keep yourself and others free of the virus which is why it is still vital in controlling the transmission of COVID-19.