3 Top Tips for Working from Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a large majority of employees have been encouraged or have been made to work from home. For some, this way of working has suited their lifestyle nicely and has allowed them more flexibility to balance their responsibilities both inside and outside of work.

However, during the pandemic, it has been a huge adjustment to working life and some may find it difficult to keep a motivating routine. Here are some tips on how to keep your productivity up whilst working from home:

Have A Morning Routine

Try to create a routine each morning that is realistic for you to stick to. Decide on the time you are going to wake up at on the days you are working.

Make sure this is a time which allows you enough time to carry out your morning tasks such as making breakfast, prepping lunch, getting dressed etc. A morning routine that is structured, realistic and timely can set you up positively for the day ahead.

Have An Office Space

Not everyone has the space to have a full room dedicated to their working hours. This is also unnecessary. However, you should create some sort of office space to increase productivity. This could be having a specific desk/table that you use for work only. Once the day is finished, you step away from the desk and it is not used until the next working day.

 This can also be said for laptops/computers that are used for work purposes at home. If possible, try to keep your working laptop for work only. This may not be possible in every situation, however if it can be, it can also separate work life from home life.

Leave Your Home

A hugely important tip to consider when working from home is to get outside. This could be on your breaks or when you finish the working day, try to get outside. Sitting inside for 7/8 hours can be damaging to our mental health and motivation. Be sure to get fresh air everyday and implement this into your daily routine.