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How Important Are Parks For Urban Areas?

What is it that makes a good city park? If you are a big fan of the outdoors and love being out in nature then you should know the importance of having parks in your town or city. If you think that having a park

How E-commerce How Transformed Our Shopping Habits

In the present day there is a strong demand for online shopping and each day millions across the world place orders online. Buying items online is a very simple and easy process which requires very little input or forethought and people can buy items as

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The Future Of Technology And Transport- Electric Cars

Within the automotive industry there has been a sizeable shift in car manufacturers attitudes towards emissions as well as new technology. In previous years electric vehicles have been frowned upon or ignored by many car manufacturing companies. However the market as it is now is

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IT Support Scotland Is Trending

In recently years Scotland, and especially Glasgow, has started to create and open up job opportunities for the youth of Scotland. Every year, more and more Scottish children are attending university and gaining degrees..only to have to move to London or abroad to actually get

Technology Trends Of 2019

Its 2019 and never before have we lived in such a digital connected world. Here are the top trends in the tech industry that has made this happen for us. Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a form of technology that has been spoken about for

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SEO in Glasgow | Formatting a Webpage for SEO Purposes

Beginner’s guide to SEO in Glasgow SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of improving a website to increase its visibility online, specifically through search engines. There are many different ways to increase your website rank on search engine results. Part of this process

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Business Guide | How to Create a Decent Work Environment

A work space that nurtures development and inspires productivity is the best environment and the surest way to encourage hard work, resulting in a successful business. There are many factors contributing to the atmosphere and vibe of any working environment. Staff are likely to enjoy